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Grabo Ottovac Battery Operated Suction Cup

by Grabo

Currently Available 7

OTTOVAC is a portable battery powered suction cup designed to lift and move tile, glass and any other material that has a smooth, flat and non-porous surface and slightly textured surfaces. The 8” suction cup works on 4 AA batteries with no manual pumping required.

OTTOVAC has a built-in pressure sensor with an internal smart automatic start/stop function. When the vacuum in the base of the suction cup reaches -55kPa, the pump will automatically stop after a 3 second delay and when the vacuum level drops below -55kPa, the pump will automatically restart until reaching the required pressure during operation.

OTTOVAC has a pressure gauge to monitor suction and a maximum lifting capacity of 220 lbs.

OTTOVAC weighs 2.7 lbs. and comes with a plastic carrying case.

Batteries not included.

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