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iQTS244 Spring 2024 Bundle (Limited Time Offer)

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iQTS244 10" Dry-Cut Dustless Tile Saw (Limited Time Bundle)

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Limited Time Bundle Offer Includes:

  • iQTS244 Dry-Cut Dustless Tile Saw with Stand
  • iQTS244 Extension Table
  • iQ Q-Drive 10" Turbo Cutter Blade
  • iQ Dressing Stone

The World's First Dry Cut Tile Saw With Integrated Dust Control

This 10" dry cut tile saw, built for professional contractors, solves a problem that wet tile saw or wet cut method cannot. Cutting Dry is more efficient, cleaner, and saves time and money on clean up and waste removal.


  • 24" rip cuts and 18" diagonal cuts
  • Cyclone technology captures 99.5% of harmful dust
  • Easy to clean dust containment tray
  • 92 CFM high output vacuum starts automatically
  • Uses Q-Drive 10" Blades (included)
  • Cool Cut Technology air cools blade while cutting
  • 3-stage filtration with Quick-Spin filter for easy cleaning
  • Capable of cutting ceramic, porcelain and natural stone
  • Easy transport with built in wheeled transport feature
  • Laser included for lining up cuts

iQTS244 Parts Manual


iQTS244 Dustless Tile Saw

Any tile installation procedure necessitates clean, accurate tile cutting, which is only possible with the correct equipment. Contemporary tile installation tools, such as the IQTS244-10 Dry Cut Dustless Tile Saw, are made to accommodate the needs of both experts and do-it-yourselfers. 
A sophisticated cutting tool designed specifically for dry-cutting tiles and other construction materials is the IQTS244-10 Dry Cut Dustless Tile Saw. Thanks to its cutting-edge dustless cutting technology, this saw offers a neat and effective cutting experience without the mess and trouble that come with using standard wet cutting techniques. 
The reduction of dust particles released into the air during cutting is one of the primary benefits of dustless tile saws. These saws reduce cleanup time, keep workplaces safe and clean, and increase productivity by catching and containing dust at its source. The IQTS244-10 Dry Cut Dustless Tile Saw is an essential instrument for tile-cutting activities, in addition to providing these advantages.  
The IQTS244-10 Tile Saw's cutting technique is a breakthrough dustless one, making it one of its best characteristics. This saw's integrated dust containment system, which includes a vacuum attachment and dust shroud, efficiently collects dust particles throughout the cutting operation. This keeps the workspace neat and lessens the chance of respiratory problems caused by dust exposure. 
The IQTS244-10 Tile Saw's strong motor and cutting-edge diamond blade enable it to create precise and accurate cuts despite its small size. This saw is perfect for both professional and do-it-yourself tile-cutting projects since it guarantees precise results and clean edges when cutting ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone tiles. 
The IQTS244-10 Tile Saw is a lightweight, compact tool that is easy to move around job sites. It was intended to be as lightweight and user-friendly as feasible. For contractors who require a sturdy saw that they can transport from one job site to another, this saw is ideal because of its collapsible base and integrated carrying handles, which simplify setup and storage.