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Montolit Minimontolit 8" Tile Cutter

SKU 24

Small dimension tile cutter especially for less complicated jobs with smaller tiles. This range of machines enables you to cut tiles of different thickness (0-20mm) and at varying angles (0-60°) without any adjustment.

Extremely simple to use: after incision by pushing, the lever automatically returns to the ideal position for subsequent splitting.

Easy-to-replace, large-diameter, tungsten carbide wheel with special double grinding (an exclusive MONTOLIT feature) facilitates incision of the tile, regardless of its characteristics. The die-cast housing in special aluminium alloy features a protected compartment for storing a spare incision wheel complete with arbor, thus ensuring that the operator always has the wherewithal to handle any type of work, anywhere, without any problem. The special impact-resistant, non-scratch material used on the contact points of the incision tool prevents indelible scratching or soiling of delicate and/or light-coloured tile surfaces, and a special counter-knife in hardened steel, with a high degree of hardness, ensures that the machine remains robust and reliable, even when performing exceptionally heavy-duty tasks. The tile rests on a special sprung, galvanized sheet-steel structure with an outlet at the breaking point, to allow the exit of any debris. Special non-slip support feet give the machine the necessary stability during cutting operations.

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