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Rubi Quake Energy CAS Tile Vibrator

by Rubi
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The QUAKE ENERGY CAS is a light and compact vibrator, specially designed to avoid the generation of encapsulated air bubbles between the support and the ceramic tile. Facilitating, in this way, ideal wetting and adhesion with ceramic adhesive. Ideal for vertical supports and works at height thanks to its low weight (8 lbs including battery) and freedom to work without cables.

The QUAKE ENERGY CAS vibrator, from RUBI Tools, has a double, bi-material handle, which offers greater ergonomics and comfort to the user. The geometry and arrangement of the dual handle of the QUAKE ENERGY CAS facilitates better control and stability of the tool during the vibrating of the ceramic tile.

The vibration frequency of the QUAKE ENERGY CAS is from 0 to 10,000 rpm, easily adjustable using the progressive trigger. The ON/OFF switch is an independent button to avoid involuntary start-up. The vibrator also includes a front LED to illuminate the work area and improve, if necessary, the operator's visibility.

The QUAKE ENERGY CAS suction cup is mechanically activated, using the lever located at the top of the tool. The maximum load capacity of this suction cup is 110 lbs (50 kg) and its use as a suction cup is exclusive for smooth surfaces.

The combination of the suction cup and the vibrator allows you to work on specific points and situations, such as slightly raising a tile that has lowered too much by vibrating it, and we need to recover its position. This dual function of the suction cup and the vibrator reduces the possibility of creating gaps without adhesive under the tile when lifting it.

The QUAKE ENERGY CAS is powered by an 18 V 2 Ah Li-HD battery* (compatible with the 18 V batteries of the METABO CAS platform). The ENERGY CAS battery has an LED display that tells the user the remaining charge level. If the display shows 4 green LEDs, it means that the battery is above 80% of its capacity. If the display shows only 1 LED, it indicates that the battery capacity has dropped below 20% and needs to be recharged. The battery autonomy, at 100%, is approximately 60 minutes, in continuous work.

Includes carrying case and SC-30 charger, compatible with the entire range of ENERGY CAS batteries (12V - 18V).

The QUAKE ENERGY CAS joins the rest of the products in the SLAB SYSTEM range to offer the specialized professional a complete and global range of tools, totally specialized in cutting, handling, and installing porcelain sheets.

RUBI is part of the METABO CAS platform. Offering a range of batteries compatible with the more than 300 products that are part of the CAS (Cordless Alliance System) platform.

*ENERGY CAS batteries are not compatible with the METABO HPT system.