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Montolit Gold Line DNA Grinder Blades


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A super-professional patented diamond blade for dry cut of hard Porcelain with an angle grinder. A unique item that best represents the Montolits philosophy, which with its 70-year history is constantly committed to developing cutting edge, innovative products.

Utilization: Dry and wet use
Height band diamond: 11 mm
Material: porcelain stoneware, hard ceramic
Application: laying tiles
Speed: Very high
Finish: Very high
Life span: Very high
Use: angle/flexible grinder

Renew blades with dressing stone 395BJ

We recommend using the Montolit TutorCut (TUTORCUT125-16) for a perfect cut and to improve the performance of the blade

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Vince P
Montolit continuous rim gold porcelain blade a great utility tool.

This little blade dresses well and cuts cleanly on the cheap, hard porcelain that is spec’ed for many residential and commercial floor applications. It comes ready to go with just a quick dress, and works very well as an all purpose blade to do most jobs professionally. If you tend to only use one or two blades in most of your jobs, this is the one for you. The Montolit diamonds and design allow it to be very versatile and capable. While It is perfect for many materials listed in the brochure, it is still fairly clean while cutting many others, so if you are forced to run one blade and dress your cuts in a tight spot or working on mixed media, this is an excellent choice. If you are running a 3-4 blade rotation, you can use it daily for professional results. I’ll be buying more soon.