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RTC T3 Razor 10" Diamond Blade

by RTC

The T3 Razor diamond blade features and thin continuous rim and reinforced core for fast and precise cuts through ceramic tile, porcelain, granite, marble, natural stone, and engineered stone.


  • 5/8" Arbor
  • Thin kerf (0.050") for fast, chip-free cuts
  • Thick "Super Core" allows for precise straight cuts without any blade wobble while reducing noise
  • Cuts ceramic tile, porcelain, marble, granite, engineered stone and natural stone
  • Soft-bonded rim cuts hard materials easily
Three Reasons to Use the T3 Razor:

1. Faster Cuts - The thinner the rim the faster the cut because less material is removed. This is the thinnest blade we’ve ever produced!  
2. Extreme Precision - The “super core” technology allows the blade to track precisely straight cut after cut!
3. Reduced Noise - The “super core” sandwiches the blade which limits vibration and reduces the noise level!