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Rubi Slab Trans Heavy Duty with Carry Bag

by Rubi
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SKU 18936

The SLAB TRANS HEAVY DUTY conveyor is specially designed to handle gauged porcelain panels and large format tiles up to 126 inches (320 cm) long.

It consists of a set of two reinforced, retractable, extruded aluminum profiles, which are adjustable from 65 to 126 inches (160 to 320 cm), as well as two perpendicular crossbeams that enhance the conveyor's robustness and stability, especially during the handling of the heaviest pieces.

  • 2 perpendicular aluminium guides, retractable from 65 to 126 inches (165 cm to 320 cm).
  • 6 vacuum cups 8" diamenter (20 cm), for any type of surface (3 per profile).
  • Equipped with a set of perpendicular crossbars for greater stability.
  • Additionally, the SLAB TRANS HD can incorporate additional suction cups (item 18827) to increase its maximum load capacity.