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Sigma Series-4 24" NEX Push Tile Cutter (NEW)

by Sigma

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Rip/Diagonal/Depth of cut (inches) = 24.4″ / 17″ / 3/4″.  Weighs 23.15 lbs.  


  • NEX Handle - pushing incision, easy and deep with minimal effort, perfect for rough thick and large tiles.
  • 16mm diameter scoring wheel is always clearly visible on operator side.
  • Equipped with double suspension for the cushioned scoring of structured tiles.
  • Scoring wheel rotates on a roller bearing, guided laterally by an anti-friction metal shell inserted in a CNC milled holder to avoid friction and lateral clearance.
  • 120mm wide splitting foot with interchangeable anti-mark protection.
  • Sliding carriage is clearance-free, thanks to the 3 double-row ball bearings that guarantee precision over time without the need for maintenance.
  • Automatic system to keep the handle raised to facilitate insertion of the tile
  • Automatic steel compensator for adjusting the slide preload on the rail.
  • Lift of the handle allows automatic deployment of the foot
  • The front protective rubber pad absorbs the impact during the incision in order not to damage the base


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Customer Reviews

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Emery Bear
Pure joy

Using this tile cutter is as effortless as snapping spaghetti. The visible scoring wheel makes it so that when you have a rip cut that is uneven, you can mark 2 points on your tile, check your alignment, and cut the tile without having to adjust the fence.the fence is within a 64th of an inch accurate over a 24" rip cut, from the factory.

On the majority of cuts, I don't even need to Mark the tile, I just align it on the fence at the appropriate marking, and cut away. Typically this functions with perfect accuracy.

Years ago I used a series 3. I believe this is better in every way. I remember at the time that there was a distinct learning curve to getting good cuts with the series 3. The spring loaded scoring wheel, and the ball bearings on the handle of the series 4, make this tool have have a learning curve of practically zero. It's so easy my 4-year-old was snapping porcelain tile after just watching me do it for a few minutes.


Thank you for the awesome review. This will be really helpful for other customers in the market for a high quality tile cutter. Your business is sincerely appreciated!