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Add Value to your Tile Project with the Illuminiche LED Shower Niche

Add Value to your Tile Project with the Illuminiche LED Shower Niche

Dear Homeowner,

Imagine you step into your shower and are greeted with the soft, soothing glow of a relaxing light. This is the magic of the Illuminiche pre-lit LED niche. Enhance your shower experience with this innovative and aesthetically pleasing addition to your shower.

Dear Tile Contractors, 

What adds value to your business? At Tile ProSource, we believe tile contractors are strongest in their trade when they offer options to homeowners that come with warranties, add value to the home, and offer elements of design in a project other "tile guys" neglect.

With the introduction of preformed niches, such as the Schluter niche, tile contractors are able to offer niches to clients on most projects with an element of safety in the construction and waterproof integrity of the pre-formed niche. To elevate your business as a tile contractor over that of your competition, you want to suggest upgrades to the homeowner and be knowledgeable about the benefits. You also want to be able to offer a product you can fully support and trust. Backing your work means you have to choose materials on the project you can safely count on when the rubber meets the road.

With the creation of the Illuminiche, tile contractors now have a full system which can be easily installed, easily customized, and easily serviced in the future. Let's talk about what features and benefits of the Illuminiche mean to you, the upscale tile contractor.

All niche kits from Illuminiche come with everything you need in the box. The low voltage, dimmable driver and switch is all-in-one. Niche, lighting, wire and the dimmable switch are all included in the package. Installation ready, with no chance of forgetting a critical part of your system, are integral to making an prelit niche installation day flow easily.

Magnetic coupling on the LED light bar to the interior top of the Illuminiche allows for serviceability in the future. This is the biggest question, how to assure the homeowner and yourself you can change out the lighting if a failure occurs in the future. Illuminiche's magnetic coupling for the light bar to the top of the niche makes for a foolproof installation. A soft joint to pull the channel and make a correction is a process that takes only a few minutes. Reapply silicone to the joint and you are good for another several years. 

Preformed niches are available in a variety of sizes and designed to fit between 16" oc stud spacing. 7 sizes of the Illuminiche are prebuilt, ready to ship including: 13"x13", 25"x13" horizontal, 13"x25" vertical, 13"x25" adjustable shelf, 13"x49" vertical, 13"x49" adjustable shelf, 49"x13" horizontal.

The Illuminiche is completely customizable. You have the safety of knowing your layout can be worked to match perfectly on premium installations.

Illuminiche's switch is a 12 volt, driver included, dimmable switch designed to eliminate the need for a separate driver. The face plates come in the kit with 3 color options; glossy white, glossy dark brown, and glossy light almond.

The light bar on the Illuminiche prelit niche can be set at the front of the niche, the middle of the niche, or the back of the niche to create the ambiance you prefer from your lighting. 

All Illuminiche prelit niches are shipped waterproofed and ready to install. As an independent system, you have the ability to blend the Illuminche into your preferred waterproofing method following the manufacturer's instructions. Illuminiche's warranty will cover any issues inside the niche that arise. 

The components are available individually for you to completely customize your own size niche on site. All light channels are trimmable and able to be altered, on site, to meet your needs. 

For projects you wish to have created, greater than 6' on a prelit niche, Illuminiche will build a custom size to suit your project. 

So now that you know how each feature equals a benefit to you, let's get a plan together for how to sell this design feature to your homeowner client. I know you want to try one.

Mrs. So and So, I have an idea I think you might enjoy in a nice space like this. Let me show you what the Illuminiche looks like. (Get out your phone and head over to the gallery on the Illuminiche website)

Aren't these amazing? With this space you are creating here, you might want to consider adding this to the project. A prelit niche, like the Illuminiche, brings a spa ambiance, but also gives additional lighting. It is convenient and stylish.

In conclusion, say goodbye to mundane showers and hello to elevating your product offerings as a premier tile contractor. At the end of the day, you want to be ahead of the competition around you providing quality materials and installations that demand premium prices. With the customer service offered by Illuminiche, there is no reason not to give this system a try. 

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