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GRABO is the brainchild of Nemo Power Tools. The company is synonymous with developing professional-level premium power tools for various industries.  In 2019, Nimo Rotem patented GRABO. A tool that revolutionized heavy-lifting equipment, especially in the construction industry. The product is unmatched in build quality, design simplicity, and work efficiency for both professionals and hobbyists.  GRABO has also earned particular notoriety within the tile tools industry segment. Hence, making it a bestseller in many countries soon after its launch. 

The portable, battery-powered Grabo replaces the suction cups formerly used to lift and move heavy materials. This powerful Grabo electric vacuum lifter can lift up to 375 lbs, is designed to work with dry, rough, and porous material -- and is a trusted tile tool by leading tile industry professionals.


GRABO Tools 

Precision, efficiency, and reliability are key in tiling. Innovative tiling tools change the landscape as professionals and enthusiasts attempt to build perfect settings. The Grabo Pro Series stands out, giving solutions to improve every phase of the tiling process. In this blog, we'll discuss the Grabo Pro Series' features, benefits, and real-world uses, which promise to improve your tiling.

Tiling takes skill and attention to detail. Cutting-edge technology in the Grabo Pro Series helps specialists in their skills. These tools improve efficiency, precision, and tiling workflow.

The Grabo Pro Series has novel tools for specialized tiling tasks. This collection covers every facet of tiling, from the Grabo Pro Lifter 20 that revolutionizes tile handling to the Grabo Plus Vacuum Cup which lifts, moves, and places tiles with remarkable precision.

The Grabo Plus Vacuum Cup lifts and positions tiles. Its ergonomic design and easy controls make it useful for experts and DIYers. The adjustable vacuum pressure grips different tile sizes and materials, letting you work comfortably on difficult projects.

Grabo Pro Series efficiency is key. These tools are precisely designed to improve your workflow and reduce classic tiling issues. Grabo Pro Series equipment allows one operator to perform tasks that formerly needed numerous hands and significant labor. This increased efficiency reduces labor costs, speeds project completion, and improves craftsmanship.

Besides performance, the Grabo Pro Series prioritizes user comfort. The ergonomic design makes these products comfortable to use for long durations. The lightweight and balanced design reduces operator strain, allowing you to work swiftly and comfortably.

The Grabo Pro Series is meant for tiling, but it has other uses. These tools are used for glass installation and stone countertop positioning. Their adaptability and versatility make them valuable across industries.

Construction safety is a primary priority for the Grabo Pro Series. The sophisticated vacuum technology seals the tool and tile, reducing slippage during shipment. This prevents tile damage and keeps the operator safe.

The Grabo Pro Series shows building sector progress. It shows how modern technologies may improve efficiency and precision in traditional procedures. The Grabo Pro Series redefines tiling tools with a focus on user experience, efficiency, and safety.

TilePro Source provides experts and enthusiasts with tools to improve their craft. Our Grabo Pro Series products meet the changing needs of the construction industry.