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Tile Saws

Explore Our Extensive Tile Saw Collection

Tile saws available at Tile ProSource are selected by our pro staff because of functionality, value, and ease of use. When you make an investment in a tile saw, you deserve to have a high-functioning piece of equipment, giving you quality cuts and increased productivity. The selections below are trusted by our customers across the world.

 When it comes to cutting tiles with accuracy, efficiency, and a polished appearance, a tile saw is an absolute must-have. Their motorized blades and water-cooling systems allow them to handle a wide variety of tile materials with precision and ease. Investing in a decent tile saw will greatly improve your tile cutting abilities, whether you're a professional installer or a do-it-yourself enthusiast.

Tile saws make quick work of cutting tiles, reducing both labor and mess. The motorized blade makes quick work of tiling, eliminating the risk of slip-ups or uneven edges. Wet tile saws are more effective because their cooling systems reduce the rate of blade wear and lengthen the life of the blade. The motorized blade and the cutting platform's steadiness and control ensure precision every time.

Hand Saws

Excellent for cutting long lengths of tile and stone (i.e. slabs). Certain variants have the capability of being equipped with a curved diamond blade design, which may then be used to construct cuts for the installation of sinks. There are a variety of guide rail systems available for precise straight cutting.


Plunge Cut

A saw that has the appearance of a traditional saw but is equipped with a wide variety of cutting options. On these saws, you will find both a sliding cart and a plunging head assembly already installed. The first versions come with a miter feature already built-in, in contrast to subsequent models which need the use of extra "miter blocks." provide precise cuts, which will allow you to get consistent results and maintain a high pace of production.


Rail Saws For Large Format Tile and Stone

Rail saws are the most effective tools for use for slicing through large formats tiles and stone. The vast majority of rail saws manufactured today have features for plunge cutting and miter cutting, which give the operator with additional cutting possibilities. View our other large format tile tools.