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Kraft Tool Co.

Kraft Tool Co. Tools 

Kraft Tool’s product line is manufactured for professional craftsmen.  The skilled cement finisher, brick mason, asphalt paver, tile setter, plasterer, or drywall craftsman creates their tools for everyday use.  As a trusted name in the hand tool industry, Kraft Tool is proud of the “Hand Krafted” workmanship attributed to every product. Their goal is simple: to maintain quality, provide good service, and offer new innovative products.

When it comes to installing and building tile, the equipment you use can make the difference between a mediocre finish and a work of art. For both experts and enthusiasts, Kraft Tool Co. is a reliable source of high-quality tools. The company's brand is linked with workmanship. Since its founding, Kraft Tool Co. has established a reputation for master craftsmanship. With a few decades of experience, the brand has gained the respect of experts in the tile installation and building sectors.

Because of Kraft Tool Co.'s persistent dedication to excellence, craftsmen turn to it. Every tool made by Kraft Tool Co. exhibits a commitment to quality, guaranteeing that experts have durable tools that perform as expected. A carefully chosen assortment of tools, from trowels and floats to mixers and edgers, may be found in Tile Pro Source's Kraft Tool Co Collection. Craftspeople might go through this assortment to locate the ideal implements for their undertakings.

Craftspeople rely on Tile Pro Source to supply tools that are the epitome of workmanship, and their dedication is demonstrated by the Kraft Tool Co Collection. These tools are chosen not only for their practicality but also for their capacity to improve the artistic quality of tile installation and building. The longevity of the tools produced by Kraft Tool Co. is well known. These tools are long-lasting and dependable since they are made of high-quality materials and are made to resist the rigors of building sites and difficult tile installations.

The design philosophy of Kraft Tool Co. is centered on precision. Whether troweling mortar or molding concrete, every tool is expertly engineered to provide the level of precision needed for professional-grade results. When it comes to tile installation, Kraft Tool Co.'s products are essential. These instruments, which range from grout floaters to tile setters, allow artisans to attain accuracy at every stage, producing immaculately laid tiles.