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Mixers & Paddles

The Best Mixers & Paddles

Whether you are ready to invest in a professional-grade mixer or prefer a variety of mixing paddles for power drills, at Tile ProSource we have an option to suit your mixing needs. Large capacity professional mixers are excellent for commercial tile contractors. With up to 20 gallon capacities on some professional mixing machines, the quality of mixing, and quantity of mixing, will be equal to any project you have on the schedule. 

Choosing the best mixing paddle for the material to be mixed can save you hassle and time. Universal paddles for mixing cement, grouts, and mortars and specialty paddles for mixing patches, fillers, and self-leveling underlayments are available at Tile ProSource.

Popular Mixers & Paddles Include: 

RTC 30" Double Box Mixing Paddle

Collomix Xo1 R Power Mixer with WK120HF Paddle

Collomix Birdcage Mixer Paddle for Xo1

Collomix MKD140HF Dual Mixing Paddles for Xo55 R Duo

Collomix Xo55 R Duo Hand-Held Heavy Duty Power Mixer

Tile installation frequently emphasizes tiles, adhesives, and precise positioning. As an unsung hero, mixers and paddles silently ensure everything works. These simple tools can make your tile projects beautiful and long-lasting. This guide covers mixers and paddles, their relevance, and how to choose them for tile projects.

Mixers and paddles simplify tile adhesive and mortar application. Their main job is to mix these ingredients evenly. This is crucial for your tile project because mix variations might create uneven adhesive application or poor connections.

Your tile project's success depends on choosing the correct mixer. Your mixer's size and style depend on your job and resources.

Portable, hand-held mixers are great for making minor adjustments or completing quick fixes. Because of their portability and low weight, they are ideal for do-it-yourselfers and other users working on smaller tile projects.

Paddle mixers are commonly used by contractors when laying tiles. They are more effective at mixing bigger amounts of glue or cement and are ideal for larger tasks.

Whether you use a hand-held or a paddle mixer, you can count on a steady mixing speed every time with electric mixers. When using adhesives or mortars that have precise mixing requirements, it is of paramount importance that one uses an electric mixer.

Mixers depend on paddles, therefore picking the proper one for your project is as crucial as choosing the mixer. Shape and design determine paddle type, which is optimal for different materials and mixing demands.

Spiral paddles are built for vigorous mixing, making them perfect for cement-based mortars and other similarly dense substances. Their helical shape guarantees effective mixing without entrapping too much air.

Thin-set and thick-set mortars can both benefit from using double helix paddles. They have a special double helix shape that aids in uniform mixing without clumping.

Mixing self-leveling compounds or adhesives that need to be spread evenly is best done with flat paddles. They are useful for keeping the mixture free of air bubbles.

Tile projects may not highlight mixers and paddles, but they are the unsung heroes who ensure longevity and quality. Choosing the correct mixer and paddle, knowing their functions, and following efficient mixing best practices can make or break your tile installation. These tools are essential to a smooth tile installation. Whether you're a pro or a DIYer, treat your mixers and paddles well and watch your tile projects sparkle.