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Mixers & Paddles

Whether you are ready to invest in a professional-grade mixer or prefer a variety of mixing paddles for power drills, at Tile ProSource we have an option to suit your mixing needs. Large capacity professional mixers are excellent for commercial tile contractors. With up to 20 gallon capacities on some professional mixing machines, the quality of mixing, and quantity of mixing, will be equal to any project you have on the schedule. 

Choosing the best mixing paddle for the material to be mixed can save you hassle and time. Universal paddles for mixing cement, grouts, and mortars and specialty paddles for mixing patches, fillers, and self-leveling underlayments are available at Tile ProSource.

Popular Mixers & Paddles Include: 

RTC 30" Double Box Mixing Paddle

Collomix Xo1 R Power Mixer with WK120HF Paddle

Collomix Birdcage Mixer Paddle for Xo1

Collomix MKD140HF Dual Mixing Paddles for Xo55 R Duo

Collomix Xo55 R Duo Hand-Held Heavy Duty Power Mixer