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Tile Cutters

Enhance Your Project With Tile Cutters

Save time and increase efficiency with a professional quality tile cutter. Having at least one tile cutter in your tool arsenal is a must for most professional tile setters. While the cutter has some advantages over a saw, cutting down trips back and forth, up and down, to the wet saw is a huge time-saving benefit. Cutters are designed to score and snap any quality of tile or stone. Add a mosaic pad for delicate glass, porcelain, and stone mosaic tiles. Gauged porcelain tile panels require a trolley-style tile cutter. Professional tile cutters are now built to handle any size or shape you can throw at them.

Choosing a single cutter size can be a tough decision. Based on the type of installation you perform regularly, Tile ProSource will be glad to recommend a brand or size for your particular needs.

Precision, efficiency, and beauty may all be achieved in your tiling tasks with the help of tile cutters. Tile cutters simplify and improve the experience of laying tiles because of their precision in cutting and their adaptability to a variety of substrates. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional, investing in a quality tile cutter will greatly improve your tiling projects, making it easier than ever to make places that are both attractive and long-lasting.

Manual tile cutters are the industry standard because they are easy to use and effective for anybody from beginners to seasoned pros. They may be used to make both straight and angled cuts up to a particular angle (typically 45 degrees) thanks to their straightforward but efficient design. Manual tile cutters are often used for smaller and medium-sized tiling jobs since they are efficient and effective at cutting ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Even tougher materials, such as real stone or thick porcelain tiles, are easily cut with an electric tile cutter, also called a tile saw. A motorized blade is used in these cutters to make clean cuts in the tile. The increased power and flexibility of electric tile cutters make them well-suited for commercial and industrial settings.

Tile is an authorized Montolit and Sigma tool dealer and carries all models and parts for these professional quality tile cutters.