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Tile Trowels

A professional tile trowel is a tile tool used throughout the day more than any other item in a tile contractors’ bag. Finding the one you like can take a few tries, but never settle until you find the one that works best for you.

All different tile sizes will require a different notch. For instance, the larger the tile, the larger the crown, the larger the trowel notch necessary to achieve proper mortar coverage. Margin trowels and bucket trowels are handy if you need pull up a tile, scoop thinset or get to those awkward places. The selection at Tile ProSource was built to offer a thorough selection, which can arrive to you quickly with our same day shipping. Improve the quality of your next job with our durable products. We carry high-quality products from top-brand manufacturers, including Barwalt, RTC, Marshalltown, Primo Tools, and more. Browse our large selection of professional tile trowels.