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iQ Power Tools

iQ Power Tools is an organization created by third-generation masons with over 30 years in construction. iQ Power Tools builds high quality power tools with integrated dust collection for professionals. If you’re in an industry which benefits from or requires an internal dust collection with saws or if you use dust extractor technologies, iQ Power Tools is the brand for you.

iQ Power Tools has been providing contractors with some of the toughest construction grade power tools for over 15 years. iQ Power Tools has a vision for a 100% dust-free construction business. A dust-free construction business creates safer job sites, healthier work environments, and builds long-term sustainability for concrete, masonry, hardscape, and tile contractor industries.

Iq Tile Saw

The iq tile saw is built for expert contractors, it solves an issue that neither the wet tile saw nor the wet cut technique can. Cutting Dry is more efficient, cleaner, and time and money saver when it comes to cleanup and trash collection.

iQ Power Tools is passionate about producing high quality tools and reducing the amount of silica on job sites across the world. iQ Power Tools integrated dust collection tools reduce silica and helps to mitigate the number Silicosis work-related cases worldwide.

iQ Power Tools originated by building their own power tools to reduce the amount of dust on their job sites but quickly realized that dust problems impact contractors everywhere, so they started iQ Power Tools. Today iQ Power Tools builds smart technology, tough as nails power tools that essentially eliminate dust on the job. 

Best Source for Iq Power Tools

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