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Angle Grinders



BIHUI 5" Variable Speed 1400W Angle Grinder

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$135.00 - $135.00
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Drill, cut, edge, bevel and polish with the BIHUI Variable Speed 1400 watt angle grinder. Features: Constant speed, soft start 5/8"-11 spindle thr...

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Fein 4-1/2" Variable Speed Grinder

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High-performance 1,140 watt compact angle grinder with paddle switch and dead-man function for complex deburring, grinding, and cutting work, inclu...

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Why Angle Grinders Are Used

The use of angle gliders is essential if you want your tile installations to seem professional and uniform. You may save time and effort while getting perfectly matched angles by using these instruments. Using angle gliders improves the quality of your tile installations by allowing you to make clean, accurate cuts.

By making it easier to get exact angles, angle gliders speed up the tiling process. With angle gliders, you can easily and quickly set the desired angle without having to measure and mark angles for each tile individually. This increased productivity is especially useful for tasks in which numerous tiles of the same angle are needed. When laying tiles, consistency is of the utmost importance. Using angle gliders is a foolproof way to ensure uniform angles throughout your work. Keep your tile angles consistent by always using the same glider angle setting for a polished look and feel.

The Best Angle Grinders 

Angle grinders, also known as side grinders or disc grinders, are portable power tools for cutting, grinding, and polishing. Its versatility makes it popular in building, metalworking, woodworking, and automotive repair. Angle grinders' right-angle gearhead makes them comfortable to use in cramped areas.

Power and performance depend on the angle grinder's motor. Larger, higher-wattage motors cut and grind harder. Angle grinders employ abrasive, cutting, and wire brush discs. Task determines disc choice.

Handle gives tight grip and control when using the tool. Some angle grinders have left- or right-handed handles. A disc guard protects the user from sparks, debris, and accidental disc contact. Spindle lock immobilizes the spindle for disc replacement. Variable speed control lets users change the tool's RPM to suit different materials and applications.

Angle grinders are needed to cut pipes, remove weld slag, and shape metal in metal fabrication and welding. These applications often use abrasive grinding and cutting discs.

Construction workers rely on angle grinders. Their concrete, brick, and stone cutting skills are excellent. Angle grinders excel at tuckpointing, mortar removal, and tile cutting.