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Large Format Tile: Installation Tips to Help You

Large Format Tile: Installation Tips to Help You

Large Format Tile: Installation Tips to Help You

If you are embarking on a construction or renovation project that encompasses flooring, you have likely considered large format tiles. This idea is a good one. These tiles have become increasingly popular, and the benefits of using them are considerable. Below we will share the values inherent in large format tiles as well as some tips and tricks for installing them. 

The reasons why individuals select these tiles are numerous. First, it is important to recognize the variety available. No matter what color palette is being used, or the essence of the design aesthetic, there are plenty of options from which to choose.  Additionally, large format tiles are available in a number of sizes. They are incredibly durable and their final installation requires fewer grout lines.  Homeowners know that grout can be difficult to maintain, so this is definitely a bonus. And, because of their consistency, they can make small spaces appear larger and airy.

Installing Large Format Tile

That said, installing them can be challenging. You must be sure that the floor is even, prior to installation, so that it does not slope. The tiles must be adequately supported. Making sure that your floor is level and walls meet at the appropriate angle, prior to tiling, is critical.

Additionally, you will want to take the time to pre-plan your layout. With so many design options available, you should make sure to choose carefully, selecting a layout that is best for your space. 

Finally, after the tile is laid, you will need to grout.  The look you desire will dictate the color of the grout to use.  One of the greatest benefits of using large format tiles is their smooth appearance.  Using a grout close to the color of the tile is the best way to enhance this. 

Invest in Large Format Tile

Finally, when you make the investment in large format tile, you want to do everything you can in the installation process to protect your floors from cracking. The best way to do this is to use thinset and mortar that are designed for large tiles. Today, special products are available for just that purpose. Take the time to research prior to installation to ensure you make the best choices and have access to everything that you need.

Clearly, decorating with large format tile can result in a beautiful, cohesive space. But, the installation takes time, effort, and skill.  Making sure you work carefully, and utilizing the very best products, can have a positive impact on the process and the end result. Large-format tiles truly provide a special look!
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