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Large Format Tile Installation: What You Need

A tile is considered "large format" when one side exceeds 15" in length. These have grown increasingly popular.  Today, they are the choice for many as they decorate their homes and business. 

There are a number of reasons why we are seeing them used so often. First, because of their size, there are fewer grout lines and joints. Because grout can be a breeding ground for dirt and mold, areas featuring big tiles are easier to clean and keep clean.  Additionally,  they are visually appealing, making rooms appear larger than they actually are.

Large Format Tile - Need the Right Equipment

That said, the installation of large format tiles can be challenging.  In order to do it successfully, you should have some very specific equipment on hand.

First, you will need a transport system to carefully move the tiles from one area to another. Because of the size and weight associated with these materials, you will want something sturdy.

As with all tiling projects, a work table is a must.  However, when large-format tiles are being used, the table must be designed to handle them. Make sure the table you select can support the weight of the tiles with which you are working. And, as a helpful hint, check the table weight as well.  You want something light enough so you can move it, but sturdy enough to support a heavy load.

Projects featuring large format tiles will also require some cutting. Make sure you have both an appropriately sized cutter and breaker to neatly score and split tiles that have to be resized. Whenever purchasing tile cutting blades, check to ensure they are made for the materials you are using. Saw blades can be very specific, and the wrong blade can leave rough edges or even crack your tiles.

Finally, don’t forget a polisher - the perfect finishing tool. There are both polishing pads and polishing discs available on the market.

Clearly, installing large format tile is not an easy job. It requires both a level of expertise, the correct tools, time, and patience. But, in the end, the final look is well worth the investment. Correctly installed large format tiles can transform a room, modernizing its appearance with an open and airy feel.

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