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Prodeso Uncoupling Membrane:  The Best Interior - Exterior Tile Underlayment

Prodeso Uncoupling Membrane: The Best Interior - Exterior Tile Underlayment

Benefits of Using Prodeso Uncoupling Membrane for Exterior Tile Installations

The most exciting benefit of the Prodeso uncoupling membrane is its suitability for exterior applications. Not only is it rated for exterior use, but it is also a fully waterproofed membrane. The thermowelded polypropylene fleece, coupled with the membrane’s unique design, allows water and moisture to move freely. The fleece on the Prodeso allows the thinset to create a mechanical bond between the tile and the fabric, increasing point load strength.

Prodeso vs. Prodeso Drain Uncoupling Membrane

It is important to understand the difference between the Prodeso Uncoupling Membrane and the Prodeso Drain Uncoupling Membrane. Both products from Progress Profiles are designed for exterior applications. The Prodeso Drain membrane has an innovative structure that allows water to flow rapidly from the plastic sheeting, protecting the bond of your exterior-rated thinset and 100% solids epoxy grout installation. The thermowelded polypropylene fabric on both the top and bottom of the plastic sheeting adds the benefit of eliminating the upward movement of triacetates, stopping efflorescence of the grout joint.

Waterproofing and Application Recommendations

Both the Prodeso and Prodeso Drain membranes can be fully waterproofed using Prodeso Proband and Prodeso Proband Koll adhesive. Progress Profiles has made the installation of Prodeso in outdoor applications fully warrantied. For projects exposed to the elements, we recommend using 100% solids epoxy for the grout and 100% silicone for movement joints every 10 feet for flexibility. carries the SIKA brand 100% solids epoxy, tested and approved for exterior use.

Recommended Applications

  • Prodeso Uncoupling Membrane: Screen porch, covered terrace, covered balconies
  • Prodeso Drain Uncoupling Membrane: Pool surround, open balconies,  open terrace, patios

Additional Benefits

The Prodeso uncoupling membrane helps prevent cracks in tiles caused by substrate movement. It moves independently of the substrate, providing flexibility to the installation. It also offers a waterproof barrier, which is critical for outdoor areas to protect against water damage. Prodeso can be used in areas with possible vapor pressure or not perfectly cured substrates. It helps distribute weight evenly, reducing the risk of tiles cracking over time, and does not transmit tension from the substrate to the tile coverings.


With its excellent qualities such as durability, weather resistance, and ease of installation, the Prodeso uncoupling membrane is ideal for outdoor projects. Using an uncoupling membrane can enhance the longevity and durability of your outdoor tile project.

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