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Tile Leveling Systems - All You Need to Know

Tile Leveling Systems - All You Need to Know

All You Need to Know About Tile Leveling Systems

 Across the country, homes feature beautifully tiled floors. The ease of maintenance combined with their beautiful appearance lead to this choice in flooring. Tile truly makes a difference. 

Whether you are a tile professional, or a homeowner embarking on a do-it-yourself tile project, some tools can help ensure the final job is of the highest quality.

Tile Leveling Important

One of the biggest issues when it comes to laying tile is making sure the finished surface is flat. The process can be both time-consuming and challenging but is critical. When a tiled floor is uneven, problems can occur. These include:

  •         Water Pooling
  •         Excessive Lippage
  •         Chipped Tile
  •         Undesirable Aesthetics
  •         Tripping Hazards

The result of all three of these can be costly. When the surface is prepared correctly and the tile assembly is flat and uniformly spaced, they look better, last longer, and are safer to walk on. Tile leveling systems help make that happen. 

The issue with flatness is that it is so time-consuming. For professionals, time is money and for the average homeowner, time is limited. Laying tile correctly is, without a doubt, a commitment.

Tile leveling systems are an incredibly valuable tool for anyone engaging in this painstaking work. These systems, which utilize tools including caps/wedges, levels, and clips, help those laying tile manage the process. They help you attain an appropriate grout joint as well as a flat surface.

While the process of using leveling systems can seem like an added step, one that will make the process even more complex, the opposite is in fact true. Tile leveling systems are time savers, increasing work efficiency, reducing overall time, and improving the final product.

Whether you are a professional contractor or a homeowner embarking on a new project, if tiling is in your future, consider the use of a tile leveling system. It will make the process easier and more economical, and your final product will be something you can be proud of!

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