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Jamb Saws & Toe-Kick Saws

Most remodel jobs require the use of these specialty saws to remove flooring from around cabinets and achieve proper clearance under door jambs and fireplaces. 

What is a Jamb Saw Used For?

A jamb saw is a tool that removes the bottom of door casings to allow the flooring to slide below, resulting in a good clean appearance after the floor is put.

What is toe kick saw used for?

If the previous flooring or plywood being removed goes beneath cabinets or walls, a Toe Kick Saw is ideal. Toe kick saws are also used to remove underlayment, which is common in kitchens with vinyl floors put above.

Jamb Saws and Toe-Kick Saws available at Tile ProSource are selected for quality and longevity. Jamb saws purchased for a price, rather than quality, will typically cause more trouble than the savings are worth.  When a tile professional is hired for high-end installations, the quality of the tile work will not matter if the quality of the full project does not reflect care and attention to detail.  Make your project installation price worth the cost to the homeowner with quality workmanship from start to finish.

Jamb Saw & Toe-Kick Saw Products

Crain 835 Heavy Duty Undercut Saw Kit

Crain 777 Toe-Kick Saw Kit

Crain 575 Multi-Undercut Saw Kit