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Bihui Tools Trade Pro Electric Rail Tile Cutter

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  • Suitable for cutting materials with thickness up to 17mm in 90 degree and 15mm in 45 degree with guide
  • High power and high speed dry cutting with dust extractor and hood
  • Lightweight body design for fast and easy cutting
  • Sturdy bearings for long service life
  • Suitable for cutting ceramic tile, porcelain, stone, concrete, marble etc.
  • CE approved electric cutting machine, 1,600W, 110V/60Hz, 12,200 RPM
  • Capable of making 90-degree and 45-degree cuts
  • Vacuum connection & adapter included
  • Use with rail system LFRS Cutting Rails for LFMCS Manual Cutting System and LFECA Electric Cutting System (sold separately)

*Warning:  Left handed thread blade nut



Bihui Tools Trade Pro Electric Rail Tile Cutter

The correct tools are crucial for attaining accuracy and productivity when cutting tiles. One such equipment that stands out for its effectiveness and dependability is the Bihui Tools Trade Pro Electric Rail Tile Cutter. 
Specialized equipment called tile cutting tools is used to cut and shape tiles for a variety of building and remodeling tasks. These instruments offer varying degrees of accuracy and effectiveness, ranging from simple manual cutters to sophisticated electric cutters. 
Because they can cut huge tiles precisely and straight, electric rail tile cutters are becoming more and more popular. When cutting tougher materials like stone and porcelain, which might be difficult to do with hand tools, these cutters come in handy. Professional tilers find electric rail cutters important due to their speed and consistency. 
Both serious do-it-yourselfers and professional tilers will find the Bihui Tools Trade Pro Electric Rail Tile Cutter to be ideal for their needs. Prominent for its sturdy design and exceptional cutting capabilities, this electric cutter is a dependable instrument that amplifies efficiency and guarantees accuracy with each cut. 
Premium materials are used in the construction of the Bihui Tools Trade Pro to guarantee longevity and durability. It is a reliable tool for lengthy work because of its sturdy frame, which is made to resist the rigors of frequent use. 
One important aspect of the Bihui Tools Trade Pro is its durability. Because of their long-lasting design, the cutter's parts require less replacements or repairs over time. Any tile professional would be advised to invest in it because of its durability, which eventually converts into cost savings. 
A high-quality diamond blade included with the Bihui Tools Trade Pro guarantees accurate, clean cuts. To get a professional finish, the blade's design must reduce chipping and provide smooth edges. 
The Bihui Tools Trade Pro has a powerful motor that provides effective cutting performance. The cutter can effortlessly cut through even the hardest tiles because to the motor's steady power. This effectiveness contributes to projects being finished more quickly and accurately. 
The Bihui Tools Trade Pro is made to be portable even with its strong performance. Whether you're storing it between uses or transporting it around a job site, its small size and moderate weight make it simple to move and handle. 
Long cutting sessions are made comfortable by the Bihui Tools Trade Pro's ergonomic design. The cutter's well-positioned controls and easy-to-grip handles improve user comfort and lessen fatigue. 
When it comes to the Bihui Tools Trade Pro, safety is paramount. The cutter has a sturdy blade guard that guards against unintentional contact with the blade, greatly lowering the possibility of harm. 
Apart from the precaution against blade damage, the cutter also has safety controls to avoid unintentional starts. By ensuring that the cutter only works when you want it to, these features add an additional degree of security. 
With its intuitive design, the Bihui Tools Trade Pro is a breeze to use. Even people who have never cut tile before can rapidly pick up the skills necessary to operate this cutter thanks to its simple controls and clear instructions. 
The Bihui Tools Trade Pro is simple to maintain. To maintain the cutter in optimal condition, all that is needed is routine cleaning and appropriate storage. Because the cutter's parts are easily accessible, routine maintenance is simple and quick to complete. 
The precision of the Bihui Tools Trade Pro is one of its most notable features. To achieve professional results in tile installations, the cutter's design and premium blade guarantee each cut to be precise and clean. 
With its broad range of cutting capabilities, the Bihui Tools Trade Pro is an extremely adaptable tool for tile work. This makes it an invaluable tool for a variety of applications, including those involving natural stone, porcelain, and ceramic tiles. 
Another important advantage of the Bihui Tools Trade Pro is its efficiency. Tile cutting chores take less time and effort because to its strong motor and sharp blade, which allow for rapid and effective cutting. Particularly for big projects, this effectiveness can greatly increase production. 
On the market, there are numerous electric rail tile cutters, each with a unique set of capabilities. But the power, accuracy, and use of the Bihui Tools Trade Pro make it stand out. While several rival models may have features that are comparable, very few can equal this electric cutter's overall performance and dependability. 
The strong build quality, strong motor, and intuitive design are the Bihui Tools Trade Pro's distinctive selling advantages. It is an excellent option for both professional and do-it-yourself tile cutting jobs because of these qualities as well as its accuracy and adaptability. 
Users frequently compliment the motor's efficiency and the ergonomic design's ease of use. Customer evaluations also frequently mention how easy it is to work with a range of tile materials. Those who have utilized the Bihui Tools Trade Pro for their tiling tasks have given it great reviews overall. 
When using the Bihui Tools Trade Pro, make sure the tile is firmly in place before cutting for optimal results. To prevent chipping or uneven cutting, move the tile through the blade slowly and steadily, letting the motor handle the rest. 

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