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Blanke Permat Reinforcing Underlayment

by Blanke
Original price $18.49 - Original price $489.00
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$18.49 - $489.00
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BLANKE PERMAT is an expertly engineered underlayment that utilizes layers of fiberglass mesh that bond with thinset, preventing deflection, stiffening wood substrates, and creating a rock-solid subfloor beneath your tile that reinforces and protects. Better than an uncoupling membrane, BLANKE PERMAT offers the highest level of tile protection, usually without the additional layer of plywood required by competing products. Lightweight, easy to transport and install, and cost-saving, BLANKE PERMAT is a premium product that outperforms all other underlayment technologies. With its unmatched strength, PERMAT offers structural support for every size installation from large-format tiles to hyper-thin tiles along with a 10-Year Warranty against deflection.


  • Protects your investment
  • Saves time, material, and money
  • Eliminates risk of future failures 
  • No size or material limits for tile
  • Easier and faster to load and install than cement board
  • Only one layer subfloor needed for tile or stone
  • No nails or screws required
  • No seams to tape
  • Lightweight technology, 30 lbs/box
  • 195 ft per box
  • Easy to cut, no dust
  • Interlocking sheets instead of rolls
  • Easier transition to other flooring
  • 10 year warranty against deflection