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Fila PS87 Heavy Duty Tile and Stone Cleaner

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Fila PS87 Tile and Stone Cleaner is a heavy duty cleaner for all natural stone, porcelain, ceramic, quarry tile, concrete and terracotta. The highly concentrated formula can be used diluted as a degreaser and undiluted as a deep cleaner to remove ground-in dirt and stubborn stains. PS87 is safe for delicate surfaces. The product can also be used as a stripper for water-based sealers and polishing waxes.

  • Highly concentrated formula, can be used diluted and undiluted.
  • Diluted: cleans and degreases porcelain tile, ceramic tile, natural stone, concrete and terracotta.
  • Undiluted: removes ground-in dirt from porcelain tile.
  • Effective on all natural stone.
  • Ideal for the everyday maintenance of concrete.
  • Stripper for water-based sealers and polishing waxes.