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Montolit Gecone Professional Battery Powered Suction Cup

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A professional battery-operated suction cup designed EXCLUSIVELY for the manual lifting and handling of ceramic and porcelain tiles, glass, granite, and marble. GECONE comes standard with three interchangeable sealing rings for smooth, textured and 3D surfaces.

Black Rubber Sealing Ring:
- Special black rubber suitable for high-thickness tiles.
- Max Vertical Load: 200kg.
- Max Diagonal Load: 100kg.

Foam Sealing Ring:
- Foam suction cup ring for particularly corrugated surfaces.
- Max Vertical Load: 180kg.
- Max Diagonal Load: 50kg.

Red Non-Marking Rubber Sealing Ring:
- Red non-marking rubber suction cup ring suitable for standard tiles and thin tiles (with added central insert).
- Max Vertical Load: 180kg.
- Max Diagonal Load: 50kg.