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Grabo-Pro Pack (4 Pack Bundle)

by Grabo
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Grabo Pro Lifter Includes a Digital Display For Safe Lifting

The GRABO Pro-Lifter is designed for professionals. Unlike the other lifting solutions, the tool is portable and handy. Living up to the promise of Heavy Lifting Made Easy, the GRABO Pro is equally effective on smooth as well as coarse surfaces.

The tool is an effective vacuum lifter even for dusty, semi-porous or rough surfaces. The tool works perfectly with glass, wood, ceramic tiles, metals and other materials. Just like the Classic version the powerful vacuum pump and rechargeable battery pack are concealed within the grab handle. 

A digital display is also included into the handle, which indicates the maximum weight that the GRABO Pro can safely lift at any given time. The weight is shown in pounds and kilograms.

A sophisticated digital pressure sensor is included with the Pro-Lifter. This makes it much more useful on a variety of surfaces. The lifting feature is automatically triggered and adjusted with a simple push of a button. Whether the item is being raised or moving, the sensor automatically supplies the optimal degree of suction, keeping the object in perfect control.

Lifting Capacity:

Perpendicular Hold parallel lifting by Nemo GRABO vacuum Parallel Hold Suction cup lifting box
Glass 375Lbs ( 170 kg ) 265Lbs ( 120 kg )
Ceramic Tiles 375Lbs ( 170 kg ) 265Lbs ( 120 kg )
Metal 242Lbs ( 110 kg ) 242Lbs ( 110 kg )
Plastic 220Lbs ( 100 kg ) 220Lbs ( 100 kg )
Wood 220Lbs ( 100 kg ) 143Lbs ( 65 kg )
Rough Slate 176Lbs ( 80 kg ) 176Lbs ( 80 kg )
Rough Concrete 176Lbs ( 80 kg ) 176Lbs ( 80 kg )
Dry Wall 165Lbs ( 75 kg ) 143Lbs ( 65 kg )


GRABO Pro Vacuum Lifter

Tiling projects require precision, efficiency, and creativity. As construction advances, so do the technologies we use to design beautiful spaces. The Grabo Pro Lifter 20 is a revolutionary tiling tool that showcases this evolution. The Grabo Pro Lifter 20 will revolutionize your tiling experience, and this blog will discuss its features, benefits, and real-world uses.

Tiling is a craft that requires precision. The Grabo Pro Lifter 20's vibrating suction cup technology elevates this art. Unlike human approaches, this technology seals the lifter and tile airtightly. You can lift, move, and position tiles of varied sizes and materials with remarkable precision, making every tiling operation a masterpiece.

With its adaptability, the Grabo Pro Lifter 20 accommodates the variety of tiling projects. This lifter can handle delicate ceramic tiles and big natural stone slabs. The adjustable vacuum pressure grips tiles of various thicknesses, allowing you to confidently undertake a variety of projects.

Successful tiling projects depend on efficiency. The Grabo Pro Lifter 20 streamlines laborious tiling chores. This clever lifter allows one operator to do what used to take two. Projects finish faster, personnel expenses drop, and results are spectacular with increased efficiency.

Ergonomics promote user experience in the Grabo Pro Lifter 20. The ergonomic grip and simple controls make it easy for beginners and experts. Its lightweight and well-balanced design makes operating the lifter easy, even for long durations. This ergonomic brilliance improves performance and reduces user strain.

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