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Helix K-Skribe Diamond Blade

by Helix

Original price $46.00 - Original price $50.00
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$46.00 - $50.00
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For cutting all-porcelain & ceramic tile, the K-Skribe series blade is specifically designed for precision cutting & scribing. The core features fifteen specifically placed cooling holes, that maximize airflow. They allow it to stay cooler than any other blade on the market. The K-Skribe also features a flanged/reinforced core, for reduced vibrations while cutting a feature that adds stability ultra-thin blades require. For straight cutting only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mike Maness
4” k scribe

A must have blade! Cuts like butter and thin kerf

Vince P
K-Scribe Diamond Blade Review

This blade is awesome. I was a little skeptical at first, but it really delivered. I love to use it in a 3-4 grinder rotation to clean up rough cuts and make delicate turns or notches in both hard porcelain/ceramics and softer tiles, and stoneware. This blade is also effective for intricate transitions between various joint lines and mixed media. As long as you dress it properly, keep it cool, and don’t drop it, this blade will take care of you day-in and day-out in the toughest spots with the most professional results. It is an every day must-have for the serious pro.