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iQTS244 10" Q-Drive Soft Material Blade

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The IQ Power Tools Q-Drive Soft Material Blade is specifically designed to cut Marble, Travertine, and other soft materials with speed, ease, and precision.

Just because a marble is a softer material doesn't mean it can be cut with any old blade. The blade will be affected by the material you cut. Cutting soft materials requires the use of a particular blade. You might run into issues if the blade you use to cut marble is designed for a harder material, such as blades for cutting porcelain or another hard material like quartz. Without going into too much detail, marble and other soft material can clog a blade that isn't designed for soft stone cutting.

  • Blade stays cool to the touch
  • No warping or wandering
  • Precision cuts match the quality of a wet blade
  • Prevents delicate mosaics from getting wet and falling off mesh