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Kraft Tool Self-Leveling Pins (100 Pack)

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A popular solution for measuring materials when surfaces are inconsistent. The pins are made from plastic construction that is easily cut, but sturdy enough to stand up to poured material. A unique shape of the pin allows the user to see the measurements from two sides where the measurements are marked. This angle also provides rigidity even when material is poured. Cut down the plastic pin to desired height and place around the floor to determine the depths of needed material. The pins measure 4" tall and can be cut down from there. Graduation markings of 1/8" and millimeters allow for precise measurements. An adhesive strip secures the pin to the flooring substrate. The bright orange pins are easy to spot when in use. Once the material is poured to the top of the pins it will blend in seamlessly with the material. Packed 100 pins per carton.

  • Easily measure poured self-leveling material
  • Plastic construction
  • 1/8" and millimeter graduations
  • Measures up to 4" depth
  • Cut to desired height
  • Adhesive strips stick to substrate
  • Orange color is easy to spot
  • Pins blend in with poured material
  • 100 pins per package