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Ledger Board Pro

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The LEDGER BOARD PRO is designed to span a gap between horizontal surfaces and support tile or other material until the mortar or adhesive has set up. The Ledger Board Pro is machined from Aerospace Aluminum, 32" long, 1-1/4" wide and 1/2" tall. The tool rests on top of the horizontal surfaces with the use of the support/adjustment tabs and an angled support ledge that drops down to the 29-3/4"support ledge. The horizontal support tabs can be used to adjust the device for leveling of the material in relation to the horizontal surfaces with the use of different sized shims. The LEDGER BOARD PRO device eliminates the need of mechanical and adhesive fasteners in the installation of ledger boards.

  • A 21st century ledger board for today's tile installer
  • Easy installation and removal - No screws needed
  • No dry wall damage
  • Zero risks of unintended damage
  • Install tile faster than ever before
  • Specifically designed to fit all 30" stove gaps
  • No other tools required for installation
  • One second ledger board installation