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Montolit 4" Slim Cut Blade with Tutorcut

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SKU CSS100-T16

SLIM CUT diamond cutting blades were specially developed for thin slabs and clean cutting finishing. Available in 100mm (4 inch) and 150mm (6 inch) diameters; the first be used with TUTORCUT (100 mm) the patented and exclusive guide system to obtain perfect cuts without damaging the blades. The 150mm (6 inch) is designed for the Moto Flash Line saw, the motorized system for cutting big slabs up to 20mm thickness. It is the exceptional thinness of these blades that allows precise and fast cuts, free of chips on thin slabs

Utilization: Dry and wet use
Material: porcelain stoneware slim slabs
Application: laying slim slabs

Speed: high
Finish: high
Life span: good

Renew blades with dressing stone 395BJ

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