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Montolit DNA Series Diamond Blades


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Montolit DNA Series Diamond Blades

The SCX diamond blade is internationally considered to be one of the best diamond wet saw blades ever produced by Montolit Tools.

A particular world patent called DNA holds the key to positioning the diamond in the best angle of the blade, allowing for outstanding cuts on any ceramic tile. This technology greatly increases the cutting capacity of the wet saw, with a performance sometimes 100% higher than that of similar blades. Thanks to these specific characteristics, the SCX diamond blade is now one of the few available on the market able to cut very hard and thick porcelain tile (up to 3 cm).

Diamond blade with braze welded segments

Utilization: Wet use
Height band diamond: standard
Material: ceramic, porcelain stoneware, granite
Application: Laying tiles and marble slabs

Speed: High
Finish: Good
Lifespan: very High

Use: Wet use tile cutter, table sawing machine

Renew blades with abrasive stone Part # 395BJ

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Montolit Diamond Blades 

Use Montolit DNA Series Diamond Blades to improve your cutting performance. Discover the technology that enables durability, versatility, and precise cutting. With their precise, technology-crafted design, the Montolit DNA Series Diamond Blades raise the bar for cutting quality. Explore the qualities that set these blades apart as the pros' go-to option for unmatched cutting performance.

The Montolit DNA Series blends in perfectly with a wide range of materials, including natural stone and ceramics. Discover how these diamond blades can be used for a variety of cutting tasks due to their adaptability. Discover the perspectives of experts who depend on Montolit DNA Series for their cutting requirements. Their practical experiences further demonstrate the dependability and accuracy that these diamond blades bring to the forefront of the cutting industry. 

The precise cutting of porcelain tiles is the exclusive function of the Montolit DNA Series. Cutting-edge diamond technology guarantees precise and clean cuts. The Montolit DNA Series has a limited lifespan based on usage. On the other hand, these diamond blades are renowned for their prolonged longevity, which lowers the need for replacements in comparison to traditional choices. It is possible to use the Montolit DNA Series Diamond Blades for both wet and dry cutting. Adaptability makes it possible to cut effectively in a variety of operating environments.

Precision granite cutting is a feature of the Montolit DNA Series' engineering. Effective and spotless cuts on granite surfaces are guaranteed by advanced diamond technology.
The superior cutting accuracy, long lifespan, and cutting-edge technology of the Montolit DNA Series set it apart. Rivals find it difficult to equal the effectiveness and longevity provided by these diamond blades.

Last but not least, the Montolit DNA Series Diamond Blades revolutionize cutting precision in business. These blades routinely produce better outcomes in both real-world applications and cutting-edge technologies. Use Montolit's unrivaled quality to elevate your cutting efforts.

Customer Reviews

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Vince P
Amazing porcelain blade!

I run this blade in a 7” Delta Cruzer (basically a Lackmond Beast) and dress it a couple times a day max. It is basically one of two 7” diamond blades I need for virtually any material. It is incredibly versatile and dependable, even on super hard ceramics, thick artisan tiles with difficult veneers, and other cheap over-baked porcelain tiles. I recently used it on a Motawi hand made octagon/dot installation and it ran circles around the grinder blades I was also running on that project. It’s a great feeling to know I can keep just two blades and be prepared for anything. This is one of those two and handles everything besides glass and soft stone perfectly. Highly recommend for the serious professional and I insist it is worth every penny.