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Montolit Flash Line Evolution 3

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Montolit's newest and most innovative gauged porcelain panel cutting system. The 3 incision wheels (8/12/20mm) included in the head of the machine are able to cut any kind of hard porcelain, ceramic and glass without any hesitation. The user has the opportunity to choose the best wheel in relation to the material, density, surface in order to guarantee accurate cuts with a better finishing following our instructions or in relation to his experience. 


  • Patented non-slip system without suction cups;
  • Quick elastic connection;
  • No Limits extendable system with rails;
  • 3WD revolution Titanium wheels selection system. Easy and immediate;
  • Made in Italy

Maximum cutting length: 340 cm (134")

Note:  This product is designed to score and snap gauged porcelain panels.  It is not intended for use on large format field tile.  For scoring and snapping large format field tile we recommend the Montolit Masterpiuma tile cutters.  

Scoring Wheel Recommendations:

  • Small wheel for 2mm - 6mm polished panels
  • Medium wheel for 6mm matte panels
  • Large wheel for 12mm matte panels

Montolit Flash Line Evolution 3 Panel Cutting System

With the Montolit Flash Line Evolution 3, go on an exact tile-cutting adventure. This thorough overview examines these innovative instruments' characteristics, advantages, and practical uses. With Montolit's accuracy and productivity, your tiling tasks will be elevated. Cutting-edge technology powers the Montolit Flash Line Evolution 3, which raises the bar for accuracy in tile cutting.

The Montolit Flash Line Evolution 3 transitions effortlessly between several tile materials, including porcelain and ceramics. Discover the adaptability that makes these tile cutters a necessary tool for a variety of tile tasks. Witness the pinnacle of ergonomic design. The comfort of the Montolit Flash Line Evolution 3 is not sacrificed for performance. Find out how the design improves the cutting experience.

Benefit from the experience of experts who use Montolit Flash Line Evolution 3. Their experiences demonstrate the accuracy and dependability that these tile cutters offer. Find out why complicated tile cuts are a strength of Montolit Flash Line Evolution 3. See how these tile cutters make even the most difficult installations simpler, from complex designs to difficult angles.

Large format tiles are handled precisely by Montolit Flash Line Evolution 3. Regardless of tile size, the cutting technique guarantees precise and clean cuts. Yes, experts and do-it-yourselfers alike can benefit from Montolit Flash Line Evolution 3's user-friendly design. Attain expert-caliber cuts without requiring a significant learning curve.

The long-lasting scoring wheels of the Montolit Flash Line Evolution 3 are made to last. T The Montolit Flash Line Evolution 3's adjustable cutting thickness feature is capable of accommodating a wide range of tile thicknesses. It is an adaptable option for a range of tiling tasks.

The sophisticated technology, precision, and ergonomic design of the Montolit Flash Line Evolution 3 set it apart. The state-of-the-art features that these tile cutters offer are difficult for rivals to match.

To sum up, Montolit Flash Line Evolution 3 Tile Cutters redefine tile installation precision. These instruments continuously produce perfect outcomes, whether they are used for real-world applications or advanced technology. The unparalleled accuracy of Montolit Flash Line Evolution 3 will elevate your tiling tasks.