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Montolit DNA Series Diamond Blades


The SCX diamond blade is internationally considered to be one of the best diamond wet saw blades ever produced by Montolit Tools.

A particular world patent called DNA holds the key to position the diamond in the best angle of the blade, allowing to make outstanding cuts on any ceramic tile. This technology greatly increases the cutting capacity of the wet saw, with a performance sometimes 100% higher than that of similar blades. Thanks to these specific characteristics, the SCX diamond blade is now one of the few available on the market able to cut very hard and thick porcelain tile (up to 3 cm).

Diamond blade with braze welded segments

Utilization: Wet use
Height band diamond: standard
Material: ceramic, porcelain stoneware, granite
Application: Laying tiles and marble slabs

Speed: High
Finish: Good
Lifespan: very High

Use: Wet use tile cutter, table sawing machine

Renew blades with abrasive stone Part # 395BJ