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Rubi 4" Back Up Pad

by Rubi
SKU 61934
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Within the range of polishing pads for natural stones, RUBI has a semi-flexible holder, particularly suitable for secure fixing of all polishing pads in the range.

With a 5/8" thread for direct connection to a grinder or electric polisher.

The polishing pads are fixed to the holder by Velcro. The holder provides solid and secure fixing of the whole polishing pad surface.

The semi-flexible body of the holder for RUBI polishing pads can be adapted to non-regular contours of the surfaces to polish. This aspect allows the holder for RUBI polishing discs to be ideal for general polishing work of natural stones.

The holder for RUBI polishing pads allows polishing work with a portable electric polisher or variable speed grinder, in both wet and dry work.

The beveled edges of the polishing pad holder offer more comfort during the polishing work and a perfect adaptation to the contours of the different surfaces to be worked on, as well as working in curves without losing firmness on flat surfaces.

The RUBI polishing pad holder operates at a maximum speed of 5,000 rpm.