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Rubi DCX-250 Xpert Professional Bridge Saws

by Rubi
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Rubi DCX-250 Xpert Professional Bridge Saws

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RUBI's DCX-250 Xpert range of professional tile saws are designed for the intensive cutting of porcelain and ceramic tile while allowing an occasional cutting of pieces of natural stone.

  • Powerful 2HP motor allows this saw to easily cut through tile and stone materials.
  • Highly reinforced aluminum chassis with an innovative triple beam system and steel fronts to improve the stability and rigidity of the entire chassis.
  • The head of the DCX-250 Xpert moves through a reinforced guide made of aluminum for precise finished cut. 
  • High performance plunge and miter cutting features allow the cutting height and angle to be adjusted to the user's needs
  • RUBI's C3 Phyton cooling system allows the water application point to be adjusted according to the thickness of the material, ensuring that the water hits the cut point directly. The C3 Phyton system increases the efficiency of the cooling and reduces the dispersion and loss of water. More efficient cooling improves diamond blade performance.
  • Cooling system is completed with a double steel decanter for more efficient recovery of the used water, directed towards the external water tank of 30 liters of capacity. By using an external tank, handling, cleaning and filling operations is easier and faster.
  • Reinforced handles and wheels (off-road type) provide a better experience in transporting and handling.
  • Folding system with reinforced legs includes a quick locking system with a safety device that prevents involuntary folding during work or any possible movements. 
  • Includes a regulator that assists in the correct leveling of the cutting table.
  • ZERO DUST system, patented and certified by the TNO* allows safe exposure to a minimal percentage of debris from ceramic materials and natural stones, thanks to the reduction of respirable dust particles that are generated during cutting.  Always protect yourself with a face mask of course.


More Details

Rubi Bridge Saws 

Having the appropriate equipment can make all the difference when it comes to creating accurate and clean cuts during tile installations. A state-of-the-art instrument made to satisfy the needs of skilled tile installers and contractors is the RUBI DCX-250 Expert Rail Saw. 
For professionals who require accuracy and efficiency, the RUBI DCX-250 Expert Rail Saw is a high-performance tile cutting instrument. With its robust rail system and cutting-edge technology, this saw can accurately and consistently cut through a variety of tile materials. 
When cutting tile, rail saws are very important, especially for large-scale projects and specialist cuts. Rail saws offer improved accuracy and control over traditional tile saws, which makes them perfect for cutting a variety of tile materials cleanly and straight. Traditional tile saws, on the other hand, do not have the stability and precision needed for professional installations. 
Precision cutting is one of the RUBI DCX-250 Expert Rail Saw's most notable qualities. This saw guarantees precise and reliable cuts even on difficult materials and large-format tiles because it is outfitted with a premium diamond blade and sturdy rail system. 
A variety of tile materials, such as ceramic, porcelain, marble, and granite, can be worked with by the RUBI DCX-250 Expert Rail Saw. Because of its adjustable cutting depth and angle, it may be used for both normal installations and specialty projects because it can be used to cut a wide variety of tile sizes and shapes. 
The RUBI DCX-250 Expert Rail Saw is made to endure the demands of professional use since it is constructed with premium materials and is designed for endurance. Long-lasting performance in challenging work settings is ensured by its robust rail system, which offers stability and support while cutting. 
When using power tools, safety is of utmost importance. To safeguard users, the RUBI DCX-250 Expert Rail Saw is outfitted with multiple safety features. To avoid mishaps and reduce the chance of harm, these include a splash guard, emergency stop button, and blade guard. 
The RUBI DCX-250 Expert Rail Saw requires regular maintenance in order to function at its best and last a long time. The saw's lifespan can be extended and dependable operation can be ensured for many years to come with regular cleaning, lubrication, and inspection for wear or damage to the blade and other saw components. 
The durability and accuracy cutting qualities of the RUBI DCX-250 Expert Rail Saw make it worth the initial expense in the long run, even though it may be more expensive than other tile saws. This saw offers professional contractors and tile installers exceptional value by decreasing waste and rework, increasing efficiency, and producing results of professional quality. 
With its sophisticated features and sturdy design, the RUBI DCX-250 Expert Rail Saw provides accurate cutting for expert tile installations. This saw offers the precision, adaptability, and durability required to produce results of a professional caliber, whether it is being used for household or commercial applications. The RUBI DCX-250 Expert Rail Saw is an essential piece of equipment for any tile installation specialist because of its long-lasting dependability, safety features, and convenience of use.