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Rubi M14 Threaded Mixing Paddles

by Rubi
SKU 25979

Currently Available 2

These Rubi Mixing Paddles have M14 x 2 threaded connections, adaptable directly to all RUBIMIX electric mixers and the vast majority of other brands.

Mixing rods for cement mortars have a head designed to perform a bottom-up movement. With the mixing rods for mortars, the material ascends, at low speed, inside the head of the rod, to descend the outside of it.

Mixing Capacities

  • M-120-R 4 3/4" for mixing 25 to 55 lbs of mortar
  • M-120-R 4 3/4" LONG for mixing 25 to 55 lbs of mortar
  • M-140-R 5 1/2" for mixxing 55 to 100 lbs of mortar