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Rubi TC-125 G2 Guide System Only

by Rubi
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The Rubi Tools TC-125 G2 Guide System is designed to be used with the Rubi TC-125 G2 Tile Saw (Part# 51977) to create long, straight cuts on porcelain tile and gauged porcelain panels.  The rail system connects together to create a track for the power unit to effortlessly glide on to ensure straight and precise cuts.
  • For use with the Rubi TC-125 Circular Tile Saw (Part# 51977) for cutting ceramic sheets
  • Includes: (2) Suction Cups, (2) Fixing C-Clamp, (3) 43-5/16" Cutting Guides and (1) Carrying Bag
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Rubi TC-125 G2 Guide System Only

The correct tools can make all the difference when cutting tiles, which is a precise skill. Guide systems are essential in this equipment to guarantee precise, straight cuts. The purpose of the Rubi TC-125 G2 Guide System is to improve the precision and effectiveness of your tile cutting tasks.

Tile cutting guide systems are add-ons that help with precise, straight cuts with a tile saw or cutter. They guarantee consistent outcomes and minimize errors by giving the cutting tool a steady and directed route.

For tile cutting to be as precise as it can be, guide systems are necessary. They ensure that all of the tiles fit precisely into their allotted spaces, help preserve straight cuts, and prevent misalignments. For large-scale projects and complicated tile designs, this precision is especially crucial.

One of the best tools available for improving tile cutting efficiency and accuracy is the Rubi TC-125 G2 Guide System. This guiding system is ideal for anyone who wants to make accurate cuts with the least amount of effort because of its sturdy construction and user-friendly design.

High-quality materials are used in the construction of the Rubi TC-125 G2 Guide System to ensure its lifetime. It is a dependable tool for lengthy tasks because of the strong aluminum rails and durable connectors that are made to resist the rigors of continuous use.

One of the Rubi TC-125 G2's best qualities is its durability. Because of their long-lasting design, fewer replacements or repairs are required as often. It is a wise purchase for any tile professional because of its durability, which eventually results in cost savings.

The Rubi TC-125 G2 Guide System is made to be portable even though it has a sturdy build. Whether you're keeping it in between uses or moving it around a job site, its lightweight and small size makes it simple to move and set up.

Long-term cutting sessions are made comfortable by the Rubi TC-125 G2's ergonomic design. The guiding system's well-positioned adjustment knobs and handles are designed to make it easier for users to hold and lessen strain.

A versatile addition to your toolset, the Rubi TC-125 G2 Guide System works with a variety of tile cutters and saws. It is compatible with both popular brands and Rubi's own line of tile cutting tools with ease.

The guide system may be adjusted to fit different tile sizes, giving it versatility for a range of project kinds. The Rubi TC-125 can handle any size job, be it small ceramic tiles or huge porcelain slabs.

The accuracy of the measurements is one of the main characteristics of the Rubi TC-125 G2. Exact measuring lines on the guide system guarantee every cut is made precisely, removing uncertainty and cutting down on waste.

Cutting straightness is an area where the Rubi TC-125 G2 shines. Every cut is precisely straight and in line with your design thanks to the strong rails and tight clamps that hold the tile in place.

The improved precision provided by the Rubi TC-125 G2 is its main benefit. A professional finish in tile installations depends on every cut being precise and straight, which is ensured by the guide system.

A vast variety of tile sizes and types can be accommodated by the extremely adaptable Rubi TC-125. For a variety of tasks, including those involving ceramic, porcelain, or even natural stone tiles, this makes it an invaluable tool.

The Rubi TC-125 G2's user-friendly design makes it simple to assemble and operate. Even someone with little experience cutting tiles can rapidly pick up the skills necessary to utilize this guidance system thanks to its simple controls and clear directions.

There are a variety of tile cutting guide systems on the market, each with a unique feature set. However, the precision, adaptability, and user-friendliness of the Rubi TC-125 G2 make it stand out. While several rival models may have features that are similar to this guide system's, very few can equal its overall performance and dependability.

The Rubi TC-125 G2's sturdy construction, accurate measuring markings, and versatile design are some of its distinguishing features. Its versatility with various tools and tiles, along with these features, make it an excellent option for both professional and do-it-yourself tile cutting projects. 

Make sure the guide rails are firmly secured in place before cutting to get the best results with the Rubi TC-125 G2. The tile cutter should be moved along the rails slowly and steadily. To guarantee accuracy, check the measurement markings often.

Maintaining your Rubi TC-125 G2 regularly will keep it in excellent shape. Check for any loose parts, clean the unit after every usage, and make sure there is no dirt on the tracks. The guiding system's lifespan can be increased by storing it properly.

The Rubi TC-125 G2 should always be used with caution. Make sure the workspace is well-lit and clear of obstacles and put on the proper safety gear, such as gloves and goggles. To prevent mishaps, always allow the tool to perform the heavy lifting when moving the cutter along the guide rails.

For those who cut tiles, the Rubi TC-125 G2 Guide System is an invaluable tool. It is an exceptional option for professionals as well as do-it-yourselfers due to its accuracy, adaptability, and user-friendly design. Your tiling jobs will be simpler and more effective if you purchase the Rubi TC-125 G2 since you can be confident that every cut is precise, straight, and of professional quality.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kenneth Dorman

Great product
Great company to trade with. I will be using again and again.

Terry Glaab

Once I put a good blade it I cut awesome. The blade it came with says no water on the blade. But the specs on their site says wet or dry. It ct fine for the first five or so cuts then started wandering and bogging down the saw. I put a wet turno mesh on and it cut phenomenal. I always use water with porcelain. Or anything of that matter.