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Sigma Max Push Handle Replacements

by Sigma
SKU 24M08X
Original price $114.00 - Original price $130.00
Original price
$114.00 - $130.00
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This product is shipped directly from the manufacturer.

These handles serve as replacement handles for the Sigma Max Push Tile Cutters. They may also be used on the Sigma Pull Tile Cutter models to covert them into a push cutter. They do use a larger replacement scoring wheel than the Sigma Pull Tile Cutter handles. Please see:  Part # TC14MX Sigma 19mm Scoring Wheel For All Max Cutters for replacement scoring wheels that fit these handles.

Note: Max Handles also fit on Pull & Klick-Klok Handle tile cutters such as the 3B2, 3B4, 3C2, 3D2, etc.

24M08X for: 3AM, 3BM, 3GM, 3LM, 3B2M, 3B3M, 3B4M

24M10X for: 3CM, 3DM, 3C2M, 3D2M, 3C3M, 3D3M

24M15X for: 3EM, 3E2M, 3E3M, 3E4M

24M20X for: 3FM, 3F2M, 3F3M, 3F4M

Please double check the model number on your cutter before ordering to make sure you receive the right part, if you are unsure please contact us and we will assist you in finding the right part for you Sigma cutter.