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Sigma Series-4 33" UP Pull Tile Cutter

by Sigma
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Sigma Series-4 33" UP Pull Tile Cutter 

Rip/Diagonal/Depth of cut (inches) = 33" / 23.4" / 11/16"  Weighs 27lbs.


  • Pulling incision, quick and easy for cutting tiles.
  • Ergonomically shaped handle specific for pulling incision.
  • 12mm scoring wheel is always visible from the operator's side.
  • CNC milled wheel holder and anti-friction metal shell to eliminate friction and lateral wear on the scoring wheel.
  • The sliding carriage is wear-free, thanks to 3 double-row ball bearings which guarantee long-term precision.
  • Automatic steel compensator for adjusting the slide preload on the rail.
  • Automatic system that holds the handle up to facilitate the insertion of the tile
  • Wide 100mm splitting foot
  • Interchangeable anti-mark protection protects the material from impact during the scoring
  • The handle is mounted to the slide carriage with two thrust ball bearings for maximum precision


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The Best Sigma Tile Cutters

Effectiveness and accuracy are critical in the field of tiling. The effect that the tool you select has on the project's result can be substantial. The Sigma Series-4 33" UP Pull Tile Cutter is an innovative advancement in the tile cutting industry, providing unparalleled accuracy and dependability.
A leader in tile cutting technology, Sigma is known for its innovative and high-quality products. Their most recent creation is the 33" UP Pull Tile Cutter, Model Number S-433". For both professionals and do-it-yourselfers, this latest addition to the Sigma Series-4 collection is a must-have tool since it is made to provide accurate and clean cuts for a range of tile materials. 
Unmatched accuracy and precision are built into the Sigma Series-4 33" UP Pull Tile Cutter, guaranteeing consistently accurate and clean cuts. With little effort and professional-quality results, thanks to its ergonomic design and sophisticated cutting mechanism. 
The Sigma Series-4 33" UP Pull Tile Cutter is made of premium materials and is long-lasting, built to resist frequent use. It is a trustworthy partner for all of your tiling tasks because of its long-lasting resilience and strong structure. 
The 33" UP Pull Tile Cutter from Sigma Series-4 is surprisingly simple to operate, even with its professional-grade performance. Smooth and hassle-free usage is made possible by its ergonomic design and simple controls, which make it suitable for both novices and experts. 
Superior materials ensure endurance and durability in the construction of the Sigma Series-4 33" UP Pull Tile Cutter. Each part of this heavy-duty tool is made to last, from the cutting wheel to the strong frame. 
In order to maximize comfort and control while use, the Sigma Series-4 33" UP Pull Tile Cutter's pull handle is ergonomically built. Long-term use is fatigue-free because to its effortless and smooth operation. 
Precision cutting depths and angles are possible with the completely adjustable cutting head of the Sigma Series-4 33" UP Pull Tile Cutter. You can complete a variety of tiling jobs with accuracy and easily because to its adaptability.