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Sigma Series-4 33" UP Pull Tile Cutter (NEW)

by Sigma

Currently Available 1

Rip/Diagonal/Depth of cut (inches) = 33" / 23.4" / 11/16"  Weighs 27lbs.


  • Pulling incision, quick and easy for cutting tiles.
  • Ergonomically shaped handle specific for pulling incision.
  • 12mm scoring wheel is always visible from the operator's side.
  • CNC milled wheel holder and anti-friction metal shell to eliminate friction and lateral wear on the scoring wheel.
  • The sliding carriage is wear-free, thanks to 3 double-row ball bearings which guarantee long-term precision.
  • Automatic steel compensator for adjusting the slide preload on the rail.
  • Automatic system that holds the handle up to facilitate the insertion of the tile
  • Wide 100mm splitting foot
  • Interchangeable anti-mark protection protects the material from impact during the scoring
  • The handle is mounted to the slide carriage with two thrust ball bearings for maximum precision


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