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Suction Cups

A variety suction cups are available at Tile ProSource with different load capacities and strengths. Regardless of your skill level, the potential for hollow spots, because of the tile size, can never be fully eliminated.

Vibrating Suction Cups

Vibrating suction cups are designed to maximize thinset coverage and remove air pockets from behind tile. When facing the price tag of gauged porcelain tile panels, the insurance you gain with vibrating suction cups removing hollow spots and achieving maximum mortar coverage in gauged porcelain tile panels makes the investment well worth it to a quality tile contractor.


Montolit BATTILE-PRO Vibrating Suction Cup

Montolit Battile-Pro16 Volt Lithium Ion Battery Only

Montolit BATTILE Vibrating Suction Cup & Case


Grabo Electric Vacuum Lifter

RTC Vibralift Anti-Friction Vibration Plate

RTC Vibralift Vibrating Suction Cup

 The process of laying tiles no longer requires backbreaking labor or archaic equipment. Technology's ongoing revolution within the sector has resulted in a rise in productivity, accuracy, and ease of use. The vibrating suction cup is a relatively new product that has attracted a lot of interest in recent years. Here, you'll learn everything about the intriguing world of vibrating suction cups, how they're revolutionizing the tile-laying industry, and how you can put them to use in your own home.

The procedure of laying tiles has traditionally been labor-intensive and time-consuming. Historically, tile installers depended on hand tools and raw force to place tiles precisely and guarantee enough adherence. However, when the need for accuracy and efficiency grew, new approaches were explored.

Tile installation has been revolutionized by vibrating suction cups. These cutting-edge tools incorporate the strength of suction cups with the ease of vibrations to safely grip and position tiles. Their many uses range from helping with the heavy lifting of large format tiles to creating a smooth, even floor.

Tiles are less likely to be misaligned or to develop lippage when vibrations are used to place them. This level of accuracy is essential for making tiled surfaces that look polished and professional. Suction cups that vibrate when a tile is lifted make it more easier to move and set in place. Quicker and easier work means less tiredness and stress for installers.

Vibrating suction cups reduce material waste from installation breakage, saving time and money. These tools work with any tile size or style. Due to their versatility, they can be used for many tasks and tile sizes.

The mechanism behind vibrating suction cups is simple. They combine suction and a vibration mechanism to position the tile smoothly and correctly. You can precisely position tiles while retaining stability using suction and vibration.

In tile installation, vibrating suction cups are essential. These instruments are changing tile work with their precision, efficiency, and versatility. Vibrating suction cups can help professional tile setters enhance efficiency and DIYers achieve a flawless tile finish.

Vibrating suction cups are one way the tile industry is adopting new technology to improve efficiency and aesthetics. These gadgets demonstrate the tile industry's constant pursuit of quality and productivity. Test vibrating suction cups and see how they function in your tile work.