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Suction Cups

A variety suction cups are available at Tile ProSource with different load capacities and strengths. Regardless of your skill level, the potential for hollow spots, because of the tile size, can never be fully eliminated.

Vibrating Suction Cups

Vibrating suction cups are designed to maximize thinset coverage and remove air pockets from behind tile. When facing the price tag of gauged porcelain tile panels, the insurance you gain with vibrating suction cups removing hollow spots and achieving maximum mortar coverage in gauged porcelain tile panels makes the investment well worth it to a quality tile contractor.


Montolit BATTILE-PRO Vibrating Suction Cup

Montolit Battile-Pro16 Volt Lithium Ion Battery Only

Montolit BATTILE Vibrating Suction Cup & Case


Grabo Electric Vacuum Lifter

RTC Vibralift Anti-Friction Vibration Plate

RTC Vibralift Vibrating Suction Cup