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Rubi Slim Cutter G2 (kit to cut up to 10')

by Rubi
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Recommended thicknesses between 3mm and 10 mm. Specially designed for thin gauge panels, it provides a perfect cut without chipping with a light and easy-to-store cutter. High durability of the 22 mm RUBI EXTREME roller guide. Manufactured in tungsten carbide with tungsten carbide treatment and bearings, it offers better performance and high scoring quality. Easily transportable. It includes two practical reinforced transport bags with compartments, handles and a shoulder strap. These can be transported separately or together with the use of a simple connecting system. Each set contains: Two 61" (155 cm) guides, one 65 cm guide, 1 marker carriage with 22 mm roller guide, 1 set of nippers, 3 suction cups, 1 Allen key and 2 transport bags.


  • High-scoring power thanks to the new tilting carriage design and it s fixing on the reinforced guides.
  • Maximum 141" (360 cm) cutting capacity (extendable) thanks to its connectable guides.
  • Allows a 47" (120 cm) cut with a single guide.
  • Excellent fixing of the guides on the tile by means of 3 natural rubber suction cups, suitable for rough surfaces, with double anchoring point.
  • It prevents tile breakage by means of the progressive breaking system of the adjustable nippers with soft-grip handle. 2-in-1 nippers and breaker.
  • Rail system for Slim Cutter G2 are also compatible with the Rubi TC-125 Circular Tile Saw (Part # 51957)



  • 2 - 61" (115 cm) long extruded aluminium guides which can be connected together.
  • 1- 25" (65 cm) long extruded supplemental guide which can be added for addtional length (Part# 52948).
  • 3 natural rubber suction cups suitable for smooth and rough surfaces for better fixing of the guides to the tile.
  • 1 marker carriage with 22 mm roller guide
  • 1 set of 2-in-1 nippers and breaker
  • 1 Allen Key
  • 1 Transport Bag