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Rapid Recess Small Foam Filler Kit (Linear Drain 26" - 43")


Rapid Recess foam filler kit for drains from 26" - 43" in length. 

Made from a high quality and extremely dense proprietary foam, Rapid Recess kits are designed to provide the necessary subfloor depth to easily install a true, zero-entry curbless shower. System is compatible with all wood construction scenarios including standard lumber, I-joists, and trusses with ¾” plywood subfloor. Brackets are made of 16 gage galvanized steel. 

  • Installed above the joists without the use of a 2×4 frame or compromising the structural integrity of the joists
  • Can be used with different types, widths, and orientation of floor joists
  • No framing ledger boards or cross-bracing needed
  • Floor height within the lowered area is recessed by 11/16″ inch
  • Kits available for point or linear drains
  • Complies fully with ICC standards and codes


 The RRFKS filler kit for 26” to 43” linear drains fit an area of 25 square feet or less. Kit includes:

  • RRLDFS – Small drain filler left (Qty – 1)
  • RRRDFS – Small drain filler right (Qty – 1)
  • RRSS – ¼” small shim (Qty – 2)
  • RRW – Sloped wedges (Qty – 3)


RRFKS Product Datasheet

Rapid Recess Foam Filler Kit Installation Instructions