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Returned Montolit Moto Flash Line 2 Cutting System

Original price $1,579.00
Current price $1,340.00

Like new condition Montolit Moto Flash Line 2 Cutting Sytem that was returned by a customer that said it was chipping their polished porcelain while using the 6" Red Line Blade that comes with the cutter which was not techinally designed for such and application.  For delicate and polished materials we recommend the Montolit CSS150 6" Slim Cut Diamond blade.  Saw and accessories have all been thoroughly inspected and are in like new condition.  

The MOTO-300-FL Flash Line Cutting System system allows dry cutting of porcelain tile and slabs up to 20mm (approximately ¾") thick. The cutting system has all the advantages of the No. 300-FL Flash Line with ease of transport, light weight, precision cutting and patented locking system without the use of suction cups.


  • 3 - 47" (120 cm) non-slip, quick connect rails
  • Moto Flash Line 2 Power Unit (MFL2-PU-115V)
  • 6" Red Line Blade (TCS150MFL)
  • 1 - Rail Table Clamp
  • 2 carrying cases (one for rails and one for power unit)