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Rubi Delta Tile Leveling System 1/8" Clips

by Rubi
SKU 02868

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$35.00 - $199.00
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The basic principle of the DELTA LS leveling system is that of pressing the highest piece, until matching its position with the adjacent tiles, thus obtaining a substantial improvement of the surface flatness.

The use of the RUBI DELTA LS leveling system is fast, easy and intuitive. Once the installation is complete, the elements of the system are removed by impact (kick or mace), striking the flanges always in the direction of the joint.

The RUBI DELTA LEVEL SYSTEM clip is designed to be used both in installation work of horizontal (floor) and vertical (cladding) ceramic tiles. The main function of the RUBI DELTA LS leveling clip is to give the wedge the necessary pressure to allow the leveling of the ceramic tile; thus obtaining a homogeneous resulting flatness.

  • For 12"x12" (30x30cm) formats and more. 
  • Ensures the flatness and regularity of the surface
  • It avoids the generation of eyebrows during the laying of ceramic tiles, both in pavements and in coatings.

Customer Reviews

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Terry Yount ( Bad Dogs painting and tile )
Tile leveling

I have been laying tile for 10 years and these levelers are a game changer, they make it very easy to keep your tiles even and straight.